• Safer, cleaner and faster
    Our 'hands free' kinetic Boot Cover Stations reduce the risk of contamination, save time and increase safety compliance, quickly and easily..
  • Reusable & Recyclable
    An alternative 'green' solution to controlling contamination.
    Our YULEYS® not only offer both reusable and recyclable benefits but also offer huge savings over the period of their use.
  • A cover for all environments
    Constructed from durable PE & CPE material, our dispensable covers are an ideal low cost solution for light to medium duty application. Available in waterproof, non-skid and anti-static versions.
  • Lightweight & Compact
    Our HM Compact 100 Dispenser offers a cost effective solution for dispensing its own low cost covers to all types of footwear.
  • ...and a remover too!
    It's OK to have a method of applying the covers but what about removing them without bending down and getting your hands dirty? Well, we have thought of everything!
Our range of Boot Covers and Dispensers have changed the face of shoe cover application and removal.

By eliminating the need to bend, crouch or hop around to apply and remove shoe covers, our automatic high volume dispensers have reduced injuries and strains, tidied up welfare and office entrances and reduced application time.